EU Eco-design plan and theatre lighting

A petition from The Association of Lighting Designers has been doing the rounds, that theatre designers may be familiar with, which highlights the affects of the EU Energy Directorate on stage lighting. The opposition to theatres being included in this energy saving plan comes from the costs of replacing lights, particularly in older and… Continue reading EU Eco-design plan and theatre lighting

Neeson, Ansari and #MeToo

While the #MeToo movement shook Hollywood, with its ripples felt globally, including the calling out of Michael Colgan here, the less black and white stories are beginning to emerge and many people aren't happy. When asked about the #MeToo movement on The Late Late show, Liam Neeson began by saying it was a bit of… Continue reading Neeson, Ansari and #MeToo

Sexual Harassment & Gender Inequality

Irish social media has been ablaze since the 27th of October when Grace Dyas, Dublin based theatre maker, posted about her experience with Michael Colgan, who had been the Artistic Director of The Gate for 33 years, until earlier this year. Since Dyas’s piece, more and more women have commented on social media sharing their stories.… Continue reading Sexual Harassment & Gender Inequality